Wildlife Rescue


Like us, dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles sometimes need help, and Nature Trust (Malta) is continuosly providing this help through its Wildlifw Rescue Team.

The WRT is a group of volunteers, made up of divers, biologists & marine mammal medics, available 24 hours a day, and willing to help all local wildlife when they are in need.

All volunteers are covered by the necessary MEPA permits since this calls for the handling of local protected wildlife


What we do?
We help dolphins that strand (which come to shore).

We rescue injured turtles and other animals and take them to San Lucjan’s rehab centre to be treated by a vet.

We rescued Hedgehogs, lizards, chameleons, shrews, bats, wild rabbits, weasels etc

When we arrive on site we:
help the animal as much as possible.
phone for a vet
take photos and measurements
if not injured we help the animal back to its habitat

If injured we take to the Vet, redhabilitate and release back to the wild

The Rescue Team goes on site also when dolphins and turtles are washed up on our shores already dead:
to identify the animal
to take photos and measurements
to see how and why the animal died

Dolphins need our help when:
they get lost
they lose their family
are injured
are ill

Turtles need our help when:
they swallow big hooks
they swallow plastic bags
they are hit by boats

Wildlife Rescue Team Emergency NO : 99999505