Nature Trust (Malta) organises frequent courses related to biodiversity and natural history. These include

Natural History Courses related to Mediterranean and Maltese biodiversity covering topics: A) The geophysical setting: geology and climate; B) the Mediterranean basin ; C) local natural habitats; D) local floral diversity and affinities; E) plant adaptations; F) local faunal diversity; G) human pressures on the local natural environment; H) coastal biology; I) climate change issues.  The course also includes two field studies.

Marine Biology Courses which include A) Palaeogeographic history of the Mediterranean Sea; B) Zonation of the coastal and marine habitats; C) Overview of the Mediterranean infralittoral habitats and species; E) Main physical processes within the marine realm; F) Overview of marine ecological sampling techniques; G) Anthropogenic threats to marine biotic assemblages; H) Marine conservation strategies within the Mediterranean Sea.

NTM also organises courses on rubble wall restoration, etc.