Adopt A Turtle

Thanks to Air Malta‘s support, NTM has launched the Adopt-a-Turtle Campaign that will aid in raising awareness on the different species of turtles on the brink of extinction.

The campaign will also raise funds for the trust’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre which will cost NTM in the region of Eur 1,600,000 so funds are badly needed.

During the first phase of the campaign, visitors to the Air Malta website can give an open donation which will go towards the development of the turtle area at the centre.

Once enough funds are collected, the partners will then launch phase two which will be the Adopt-a-Turtle campaign.

You will be able to adopt a turtle against a donation of just €25 per year getting a photo of the adopted turtle, information, a soft toy and an adoption certificate in return. This is the basic adoption Pack.  If you would like to help more one can take the Premium Pack which is €50.

Further info:


Turtles Rehabiltated and released



Aladeen arrived to the centre with a big fishing hook lodged in his beak.











Jerry was found floating on the surface of the sea by a fisherman. His flippers were swollen and full of fluid. However after a course of antibiotics, Jerry was back to full health and released









Letiz was brought into the centre with pneumonia, which resulted in one of her lungs collapsing. As a result she cannot balance herself in the water and struggles to dive very deep. However she has a very healthy appetite and is a very lively turtle.








Robbie / Robin

Robin was found by fishermen with her right flipper tangled in fishing line and very swollen. She was put on antibiotics and her flipper was drained of fluid. Released












Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was the smallest turtle at the centre. He was rescued after swallowing some plastic string. The plastic had passed through his system and he was released





This is the story of some of the turtles we had


For an updated list of turtles we have now and which one can adopt please contact us on