Press Release 15 June 2016

MSCAST Students do Environmental conservation work at Wied Ghollieqa Nature Reserve

Students studying Environmental Conservation and Sustainability at MCAST, together with one of their lecturers Dr Eman Calleja dedicated a half day conservation work at the Wied Ghollieqa Nature Reserve managed by Nature Trust (Malta)
The students focused on the removal of invasive alien species in the valley bed, clearing almost a tumolo of land from the Castor Oil tree and other aliens. Seeds of these species are carried every year into the site by rain water currents coming from the San Gwann Industrial Estate and the Mater Dei Hospital. Furthermore the students also removed litter that is brought into the site by rain water currents and by people visiting the valley. The students and the Lecturer were joined by the NTM Wied Ghollieqa Site Manager Ms Louise Bajjada.
The Wied Ghollieqa project started way back in the late 1980s when students members of Arbor managed to stop heavy development planned for the valley area. Over the years kilometres of rubble walls were restored and thousands of trees and shrubs were planted by the Nature Trust (Malta) Volunteers. Today these form a healthy semi-natural Mediterranean schlerophyllous Woodland. Trees include the Carob tree, the Aleppo Pine, the Holm Oak, the Sandarac Tree, the Mediterranean Dwarf Palm and Olive trees.
The valley is being ecologically restored and today houses a large number of fauna and avi fauna in this green lung located right between Kappara and the University of Malta. The reserve has also been declared a Nataura 2000 site of National Importance.
This Nature Reserve is open to the public to enjoy and is also used by students to study environmental education, scientific research and also other conservation projects.
Nature Trust (Malta) would like to thank all the students for giving up part of their free time towards the conservation of our Natural Heritage. It also appeals to the public who may note vandalism in the area to report these either to the Police or Nature Trust (Malta) on 21313150 or by email

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