Press Release 13 February 2016

NTM expresses concern over unsustainable proposals at Wied Ghomor – ODZ site


Nature Trust (Malta) joins in the concerns raised by the Swieqi Local Council and the San Gwann Local council over the the proposed development of a tourist village in an ODZ valley between the two localities.
NTM feels that the way ODZ areas are being treated by the authorities is a major concern today and has simply become a rubber band in the hands of our politicians in the last 15 years leading to numerous unsustainable developments.
Wied Ghomor is a valley system offering a variety of fauna and flora and also acting as the green lung for two densely populated villages – Swieqi and San Gwann. The development if approved will further contribute to the destruction of this green belt, cause more air pollution due to added traffic and will become another unsustainable project approved by our national authorities who should be safeguarding the remaining ODZ areas.

Wied Ghomor forms part of a valley system cutting into the lower coralline limestone, which is crucial in the replenishment of the mean sea level aquifer. Any form of development would render this natural infiltration impossible. Just a few weeks ago, the media also reported the redevelopment of an old people’s home in a quarry further up in this valley.

Such use of abandoned land in ODZ and in water catchment areas for development purposes should be refused and instead landscaped and restored to mimic the original state of the valley system and so contain the ever increasing threats to our diminishing aquifers.

NTM strongly opposes this proposed development and calls on MEPA to pull up its stocks and act to stop this craze of ODZ developments. ODZ applications should be the exception not the rule with many applications being filed.

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