Press Release – Ahead of COP 21 – Actions demanded

Nature Trust (Malta) ahead of the Cop 21 Conference – Demand action on Climate change

Nature Trust (Malta) joins the millions of protesters in Europe and world in demanding action by our world leaders to seriously address the Climate change situation world wide.
For the last years we have only seen world leaders discuss and talk on actions but with little concrete actions, Only the European Union has taken some steps which although are positive yet we still lack urgent action to help mitigate the situation our plant will face in the near future.
Nature Trust (Malta) as WWF partner therefore calls on world leaders including our Minister for the Environment to ensure that in this conference actions are agreed and implemented without further delay. The planet has had enough of reports and discussions. Now we either act or we lose. World leaders should realise that our planet does not have a Plan B and so if we do not act mankind will simply disappear or suffer – especially our children who would face the catastrophes.
Therefore we demand the following
PROTECTION FOR THE VULNERABLE – help the poor, stop the destruction of forests and natural areas, provide assistance to small Islands;
STRONG SIGNALS THAT GHG EMISSIONS WILL BE PHASED OUT EQUITABLY – We need to take action as soon as possible and stop all GHG emissions. We must reach the 2050 Targets to phase out fossil fuels and phase in 100% renewable energy;
MECHANISMS TO SCALE UP EFFORTS EQUITABLY AND CONTINUOUSLY – A robust transparency framework to track progress and build trust, including for the forest and land-use sector. Also a strong and uniform international guidelines for future commitment setting;
CLEAR RECOGNITION OF THE AMBITION GAP AND CONCRETE STEPS TO CLOSE IT EQUITABLY – Clear mandate for high-level engagements to launch new additional actions and support and Ratification of the Second Commitment Period of the Kyoto Protocol;
A SOLID RESOURCING FOUNDATION – Affirmation to shift investments away from fossil fuels to sustainable low/zero carbon alternatives.

NTM hopes that as Malta was the champion some years back to put Climate Change on the International agenda, now it should be the Maltese Government again to demand these actions and not just promised. We only have one planet as home so let us save it with concrete actions.

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