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Become a Nature Trust Member for as little as €12 a year (or as much as you’d like to spend), and we promise to use your money wisely to support our vital work and keep you informed with our lively magazines and email updates.

Membership is as follows

Membership Categories

Kids (up to 12 years) € 6                                                         Couple € 12

Teens (13 to 15 years) € 6                                                   Family € 12

Youths (16 to 30 years) € 12                                                  Life Membership € 150 (one time)

Adults (30 years onwards) € 12                                            Overseas (to cover postage) € 30

Organisation and Local Councils € 200

Members are entitled to discounts on activities, free publications such as Archipelago and Ballottra and a free Newsletter.  They are also informed of NTM’s latest news and PRs

Why Nature Trust?

Nature Trust (Malta) is the largest and oldest environmental organization in Malta.

It  was formed amongst four different organizations: SSCN, MLCG, Verde and Arbor.

It boasts of a membership exceeding 2000.

A scientific committte consisting of the most experienced scientist on the island and also foreign experts.

It also publishes the only quality local environmental magazine called Archipelago and scientific journal.

It manages various conservation areas.


Download Membership form:  Membership Form 2013